rb+ massage oil candle review - eucalyptus

Here is an excerpt from a third party review from the folks at Proper.

My Newfound Zen Beats Acetaminophen

Errbshop’s unique and sleek CBD Candle offers reliable relief from aches and pain.

IN REVIEW: With soothing scents like lavender, eucalyptus and grapefruit, 120mg of CBD per tin and a drip free pour spout, Errbshop’s rb+ CBD Infused Massage Candles are as effective as they are efficient. By offering the same quality as their full-size counterpart in a compact tin, you can take one of these with you on weekend getaways to get the relief you need wherever you are, and ensure that the aftereffects of your workout never get in your way. This versatile and discreet product is perfect for everything from spicing up your bedroom activities to helping you maintain your zen state after a yoga session. 

OK, be honest. Was it just me? Is it yet another sign that I’m super uncool and hip (re: older) that I didn’t realize ‘rb+’ would mean ‘herb cannabis’? It took weeks for it to hit, but it finally did. Wow, a respectful nod to the clever marketing team over at the company. You got me!
Like much of the masses, I gained weight during the COVID-19 quarantine. Not a ton, but I’m a height-challenged person, so an extra 5-8 pounds really make a difference. Pants and shorts don’t fit the same, which means I spent a lot of time in leggings. I’ve been walking the dog and doing nature hikes daily for the past four months, hoping that would help. It hasn’t. 
When I went to the doctor recently, I was excited to finally have a positive answer to the question, “How much do you exercise?” With pride, I shared I’ve been walking 4-7 miles daily, but expressed frustration that my tummy wasn’t budging.

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